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What Our Clients Say

efficient, knowledgeable and reliable attorney

If you're looking for an efficient, knowledgeable and reliable attorney I recommend Don Rolfe.
Most recently he's helped me with a will and a Power of Attorney.

In the past he has been readily available to answer questions or direct me to the correct solution for my problem.

I appreciate that he is fun to talk to and is always concerned with my best interest.

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Honest Attorney "not just talk"

I needed a attorney ASAP who could help my mom that specialized in Senior/Elderly Trust. I live in another state and needed to put my mom's Estate in good hands. After talking with several attorneys Mr. Rolfe made me feel like family, not just another pay check. Mr. Rolfe explained everything to my family and was available when needed. My moms trust is easy to understand & explains how and what to do with it. I have and will surely share his information for other people who need his services. Thank you Mr. Rolfe

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Estate Planning

We met with Donald as we had a lot of unanswered questions on how best to plan our future as my wife and I had just retired. We had not given a great deal of thought on the subject of estate planning as we spent the last 40 years trying to figure how and if we could even afford to retire at all. Don was very helpful in giving us in site and advice that helped us to start our retirement years with confidence and also to make sure our last wishes would be carried out per our instructions. He took a genuine interest in our needs and put a great deal of thought into his advice, which by the way, he explained in plain English and helped us pick the very best options for our financial future. My wife and I now feel very comfortable that we made the right choices for our heirs and the future of our financial health in finding and working with Donald. Thank you Don!

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Easy process!

We were referred to Don through our financial adviser. She actually gave us 3 names and after looking at websites we felt like Don's firm might be the most comfortable for us. I called and immediately had a response and from the first conversation knew we had made the right choice. He's personable, easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, and professional without seeming stuffy. He's helped us draft a solid estate plan that gives us peace of mind now for the future. The entire process was easy and we've learned so much while getting our affairs in order. Don really seems to care about helping his clients, we're not just another case or number. We'd very much recommend him to anyone else looking for this sort of help.

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Estate Planning Is Important For Many Reasons!
Such As - Incapacity Planning

Incapacity Planning

Your Estate Plan should protect you while you are alive but unable to manage your daily obligations. In the event that you become incapacitated - are you sure that there is a way for someone to care for your children, pets, finances, etc.? A little preplanning will go a long way to making sure there is someone (or more than one person) to step in and handle everything for you.

Protecting Your Children

Have a plan in place for the care of your children is something were to happen to you. Does the babysitter know who to call? Have you appointed temporary and permanent guardians? Will you leave behind the resources necessary to care for your children?

Inheritance Protection

Most inheritances are spent within one to two years. Inheritances are also a prime target for unscrupulous people. Rather than leaving inheritances as a lump sum, there are a number of ways to leave and inheritance to ensure it's used for good...and not lost to extravagance, creditors, exes, or preditors.

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Estate Planning | Trust Administration | Probate

Estate Planning Weekly Recent Episodes

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