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Estate Planning | Trust Administration | Probate

Estate Planning Is Important For Many Reasons!
Such As - Incapacity Planning

Incapacity Planning

Your Estate Plan should protect you while you are alive but unable to manage your daily obligations. In the event that you become incapacitated - are you sure that there is a way for someone to care for your children, pets, finances, etc.? A little preplanning will go a long way to making sure there is someone (or more than one person) to step in and handle everything for you.

Protecting Your Children

Have a plan in place for the care of your children is something were to happen to you. Does the babysitter know who to call? Have you appointed temporary and permanent guardians? Will you leave behind the resources necessary to care for your children?

Inheritance Protection

Most inheritances are spent within one to two years. Inheritances are also a prime target for unscrupulous people. Rather than leaving inheritances as a lump sum, there are a number of ways to leave and inheritance to ensure it's used for good...and not lost to extravagance, creditors, exes, or preditors.

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