3 Considerations When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney


Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney should be a good experience. These are three considerations to keep in mind to help make sure that you have a good experience.



You and the estate planning attorney that you hire should be compatible with each other. I want to work with clients that I get along with and you should want to work with an attorney that you get along with.

Many people think of attorneys as adversarial...and they aren't wrong, they can be. However, the attorney-client relationship shouldn't be adversarial. 

When I meet with a potential client an we don't click, there are no hard feelings. I'm not the attorney for everyone and not everyone is the client for me.

If we don't click I am happy to refer any potential client to an estate planning colleague.

Practice Areas

I am not a jack of all trades. I practice Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Probate; three related practice areas. 

I limit myself to these practice areas to make sure I know what I am doing for my clients. 

Ask any attorney that you meet with how much of their practice is focused on Estate Planning. Hiring an attorney that does everything, may mean that they don't do any one thing really well.

Attorney's Fees

All of my Estate Planning work is done on a Flat Fee Basis. Before I start work for an estate planning client they know exactly what my fee is.

I do not bill by the hour for estate planning work. I am able to do this because estate planning is all that I do. I know that it take to get the work done. I don't have to rely on billing my clients by the hour.

If you like to find out if I'm the right Estate Planning Attorney for you, or if you have any estate planning questions, please schedule a complimentary Estate Planning Strategy Session.

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