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Funding Your Trust

An Unfunded Trust Won’t Work When The Time Comes

To those of you that already have a Revocable Living Trust as part of your estate plan, congratulations! However, did you fund that trust. Over the past several months I have worked with a number of families to amend their existing trust only to find that they were never funded in the first place. 

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Children HIPAA Authorization

Will The Law Stop You From Helping Your Adult Children?

I was reminded of this when speaking with a client this past week. They told me of a time when their child was away at college and ended up in an emergency room. The hospital and doctors were very reluctant to share any information about the child's condition. Their reluctance was for good was against the law to share the information without the patient's consent. Thankfully everything worked out for this family.

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Young Adult Estate Planning

We got a question on our Northwest Legal Planning Facebook page the other day about Young Adult Estate Planning. The question was fantastic, in fact, I put up a web page for our Oregon Young Adult Estate Planning service.

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10 Common Mistakes When Naming Life Insurance Beneficiaries

If you make a mistake in naming life insurance beneficiaries, the people you love will end up being hurt. recently provided a list of the 10 life insurance beneficiary mistakes to avoid.  Here is my take on how to fix mistakes when naming life insurance beneficiaries.

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3 Mistakes When Marrying Later in Life

If you are considering marrying later in life you need to answer two questions: "Should you sign a prenuptial agreement?" and "How will getting married affect your Estate?" Not answering these questions may result in family conflicts and lawsuits long after you get sick or pass away. Consider these three situations.

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