Estate Tax

4 Estate Planning Issues Other Than Estate Taxes

Most everyone I meet with is at some level concerned about estate taxes; or as many call them "Death Taxes." People I meet with will often say something like, "I don't want Uncle Sam taking everything I've worked a lifetime to save." More on that in a bit.

4 Important Issues To Consider When Making Your Estate Plan

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A “Simple Will” Gone Bad

I represented a gentleman named as the personal representative in his aunt's will. It was his understanding of my client and his family that this was a "Simple Will." While the Will was very basic, he soon found out that there was nothing "Simple" about it. I did not know the aunt and I had not prepared her estate plan.

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How Oregon Families’ Estate Planning is Affected by the New President

Will the new President affect estate planning in Oregon?

Short answer…It won’t. Protecting the things that are really important to you cannot wait, no matter what the new President might do.

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Need to Update Your Estate Plan? Yes…Here’s Why

It’s unrealistic to think that a document you sign, reflecting your life at a certain time, will work the same way years down the road. Learn why the Jones family estate plan needs an update.

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Oregon Family Makes Difficult Decision Naming Guardians

I recently worked with a young couple not yet sure if they needed an estate plan. These parents had concerns a "formal estate plan" wasn't right for them. Despite their concerns, they scheduled a complimentary Estate Planning Strategy Session to learn how to protect their children by naming Guardians.

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