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Business Formation

You Have Dozens of Options for Getting “Help” With Business Formation

There are online companies portraying themselves as alternatives to lawyers where you can purchase an LLC for less then the price of a desktop laser printer. You can also download forms from the appropriate governmental agency and do it all yourself for just the filing fee. There are also attorneys selling LLC formation documents right over the internet. These are common methods for business formation, but they may not serve all of your needs.

If your goal is just getting an LLC or Corporation on the books then Northwest Legal Planning is not for you. We don’t want to waste your time and money for services you don’t value. However, if you want the assurance that you have done everything you can to start your new business on a solid foundation, please continue reading.

You shouldn’t have to go it alone when starting your new business. You’ve got the next great idea, or you are simply ready to take the next step to make your current business formal. Running that business is your focus, not the legal aspects of forming your business entity.

Business formation is more than filling out and filing some paperwork. Every business is unique, and the process of putting together a proper business entity is similarly unique. Here are a few issues that do-it-yourself or online vendors are likely to skip or ignore:

  • Are there plans or aspirations to take your company public?
  • Is this a business intended to stay in the family?
  • What tax structure makes the most sense for your business now and in the future?
  • How will the members or owners make business decisions?
  • Will changes to State and Federal laws impact your business and your personal liability?
  • How do you make sure your limited personal liability isn’t weakened or destroyed?
  • Is insurance necessary and how do you know?
  • Do the owners’ spouses have a say in the operations of the business or in the future sale of the business?

Unlike many lawyers and online business formation products, Northwest Legal Planning does not sell business formation documents.

We provide a service to plan how your business should exist for your particular situation. Knowing you and your business is essential to planning your business formation the right way. Understanding your values, aspirations and goals is the first and most important part of working with Northwest Legal Planning. Only then do we draft the documents necessary to implement that plan.

Northwest Legal Planning Is There For Your Business After It Is Formed

The drafting and delivery of documents is usually the end of an attorney or online business formation products involvement with a new company. Getting started on the right foot could be the difference between a success and a failure. Northwest Legal Planning will be right there with you while you make those initial decisions that could affection your business for years to come.

For the first 60-days after your business formation with us you will have access to attorney Donald Rolfe for the following:

  • Unlimited support by e-mail.
  • Two 30 minute telephone consultations.
  • Two contract reviews (vendor and lease contracts).

If after those first 60-days your business would like continued support please consider our General Counsel program.

So How Much Will it Cost to Work With Northwest Legal Planning?

If you think that all of this sounds expensive, you are right and wrong at the same time. Our business formation packages start at $1,500.00 for a single member LLC. However, paying hourly for the personalized service in the formation of your business entity and the 60-days of continued support could cost you far more. Prior to transitioning to flat fee billing, my hourly rate was $250.00; it only took 6 hours of my time to reach that $1,500.00 mark (and that didn’t include printing costs, filing fees, postage or any other expenses). Between the formation meeting, telephone consultations, contract reviews and e-mail support you could easily spend well more for the same services if billed on an hourly basis.

If you have any questions about business formation, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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