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What Happens If Your Trust Isn’t Funded?

If you don't have a comprehensive Estate Plan, an unfunded trust can be a really big problem. That comprehensive Estate Plan should include a Pour-Over Will just in case an asset isn't moved into your trust before you die.

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Will v. Trust – When Each Of Them Do Something

Both a Will and a Trust can be the cornerstone of your Estate Plan. However, they each operate at different times and in different ways.

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How Does Moving To A New State Affect Your Estate Plan?

Moving to s new state can affect how your Estate Plan will work. Just like with having children and changes to your finances...when moving to a new state you need to review your Estate Plan.

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How Long Is An Estate Plan Good For?

Technically an Estate Plan is good as long as it isn't revoked. However, changes to the law and your circumstances may mean that your Estate Plan won't work as well as it should.

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