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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Longtime couples that aren't married need to take into account different estate planning strategies than married couples.

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Best Meaning Plans Didn’t Work

Creating an estate plan on your own is an option. However, creating an estate plan in the wrong way can cause major problems.

This week I spoke to a man that feels (and is probably right) that his sister stole his parent's estate.

4 Facts That Lead Me To Recommending Trusts Over Wills

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When making a recommendation for a Trust-based over a Will-based estate plan...there are some facts that make a Trust a better fit.

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What It’s Like Without An Estate Plan After You Are Gone

When you pass without an estate plan, it can make the probate process more difficult. On top of that you won't be the one deciding who get what.

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What A Trust Won’t Do For You

Story time about my first experience with a Revocable Living Trust and my client's mistaken belief that her trust made her judgment proof.

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