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The Simple Will

One of the most common statements I hear is "I only need a simple Will."

Here is why I don't do Simple Wills and why they are not your best option for an estate plan.

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3 Ways Not To Leave Your Assets

Sometimes the way that assets are left to people can cause unintended consequences.

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Disadvantages To Putting Assets In A Revocable Trust

There really aren't any disadvantages to putting assets into a Revocable Trust.

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How We Distribute Assets To The Last Penny

We don't know exactly how much we will have in assets when we pass away. That fact leads some people to wonder how they can state in their estate plans how much each of their beneficiaries will get.

We solve this problem by using percentages or fractions for the assets in the estate to each of the beneficiaries.

So while we won't know exactly how much every beneficiary will get, we will know that all the assets will be distributed down to the last penny.

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Business Succession Planning

How you will pass on your business is a very important part of Estate Planning. You have worked hard to build your business, and you deserve to make sure that value is passed on to your loved ones.

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