How Oregon Families’ Estate Planning is Affected by the New President

Will the new President affect estate planning in Oregon?

Short answer…It won’t. Protecting the things that are really important to you cannot wait, no matter what the new President might do.


A client I met with last week was concerned about putting his plan in place before knowing the new President’s intention for estate taxes. I asked him his reasons for meeting with me. He told me he "wanted to make things simple for his family, to avoid probate and to make sure his children and their inheritance were protected." He couldn't decide if he should wait to see what changes the new President would make.

I told him is that it really doesn’t matter what the new President does to estate taxes. What really matters, making things simple for his family and protecting his children, won’t change. Make a plan now to protect the really important things. If down the road changes are necessary because of what the President and Congress do, we can make any necessary changes then.

Waiting to Make an Estate Plan Leaves You and Your Family Unprotected

If this client chooses to wait and see, and anything happened to him before he got his answers from the government, it wouldn’t be simple for his family, he wouldn’t avoid probate and he wouldn’t protect his children or their inheritance.

Having a plan, even one that might need amendment in the future is far better than having no plan at all. Call today, 503-850-8345, to start a conversation on making things simple for your family, avoiding probate and making sure your children and their inheritance are protected.

Photo: White House - Diego Cambiaso - CC BY-SA 2.0

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