Oregon Family Makes Difficult Decision Naming Guardians

I recently worked with a young couple not yet sure if they needed an estate plan. These parents had concerns a "formal estate plan" wasn't right for them. Despite their concerns, they scheduled a complimentary Estate Planning Strategy Session to learn how to protect their children by naming Guardians.


Choosing Guardians for Minor Children is Difficult

During our  meeting, they expressed deep concern over who to choose as guardians.

One of their families did not share the same spiritual beliefs and the other did not value education in the same way. Issues such as these make choosing guardians very difficult. However, the choice parents make is most certainly better than leaving the decision to a court.

After carefully considering the possible choices for guardians, these parents made a thoughtful choice. It also gave them great comfort to give written guidance to the selected guardians on how they wanted their children raised. They were able to describe the values they wanted their children exposed to, their educational aspirations, and were able to express the spiritual values important to them.

These parents are now assured that their children are much better off than if they had done nothing and left it to a court to decide.

In addition to naming guardians, we also implemented a plan to ensure that their children will have the funds available to them for their education. Giving their children the best start in life possible. I am so pleased that this family now has peace of mind, having made the tough choices necessary to protect their children.

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Photo: Family - Kat Grigg - CC BY 2.0

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