What A Trust Won’t Do For You

Story time about my first experience with a Revocable Living Trust and my client's mistaken belief that her trust made her judgment proof.


This true story is only one example of the many times I've spoken to people that believed a Revocable Trust would protect their assets.

Understand What Your Estate Plan Will And Won't Do For You

Whether you have an estate plan or are getting ready to put one in place, do your homework. One of the best ways to get the answers you are looking for is write down and ask your questions the next time you meet with your estate planning attorney.

If you need to find the right Estate Plan for you and your family I am happy to help...get started by scheduling an Estate Planning Strategy Session.

About the Author Donald Rolfe

Father, husband, entrepreneur, and owner of a trivia filled brain. I help families and individuals plan for the unexpected and end of life. Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session to chat with me, get answers to your questions, and find out about your Estate Plan options.

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