What Is Estate Planning?


Most people think of Estate Planning solely as an end of life tool. That is an essential part of Estate Planning, but there are more. I like to think of the end of life portion as the pinnacle of a pyramid. At the base there is getting an understanding of your estate; things and people. As we move up the pyramid there is healthcare, incapacity, and how your life is maintained.


Taking An Inventory

Every client I work with completes an Estate Planning Inventory and Assessment. This includes who you are, who your beneficiaries are, who your decision makers are, what your have (your assets), and your wishes. Completing this Inventory and Assessment gives you a complete picture of the current status of your Estate.


Whether medical, physical, or mental incapacity, an Estate Plan provides for how you and your things are managed when you can't manage them. This includes appointment of healthcare decision makers, financial decision makers, and instructions to those decision makers.

End Of Life

Setting forth the explicit directions on who will get what. Also, how taxes should be paid, the process by which your estate is administered (Private or Public), guardians for minor, etc.

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