When Does A Will Expire?

Great question that was recently asked by a potential client. She got bad advice...always double check any advice you get.


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Don Rolfe here, to answer another estate planning question. I got this the other day from a woman that called in and she wanted to know if she could get her will redone because she had been told that it was expired. 

This is just not the case. Wills don't expire. She got some bad advice and I'm very thankful that she did check in and make sure but she was misinformed by a probably well intentioned individual who was looking out for her. But she had executed her will I think it was about 20, 25 years ago and it probably needs some updating but it definitely hasn't expired. 

Wills do not have an expiration date, you don't have to worry about that. 

If you have a question like this, if you've gotten some advice from somebody about your estate plan, please do reach out to me go to myestateplanmeeting.com and I will be happy to answer questions and clear up any confusion that you have, or to let you know if the advice that you've received is correct or if it perhaps was well meaning but not correct. 

So when you execute a will as long as all the formalities were followed and as long as it was executed while you had capacity and you knew what was going on it wasn't under duress, that will is going to be good for the rest of your life technically, unless you know your family changes, your assets dramatically change, the way you want things distributed is completely changed, then you're going to have to redo your will but your will just doesn't have an expiration date on it. 

It's not a gallon of milk in the fridge that gonna go bad. Even if you move to another state, while there are different formalities from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction as to what needs to be done to properly execute a will, as long as you properly executed it in the state that you were in, it will be recognized, well it should be recognized in a state that you move to in the future. 

So if you've gotten advice like this or you have a question because you heard something about your estate plan that you wanna check out and make sure that it's correct, feel free to reach out to me. Myestateplanmeeting.com and I will be happy to answer those questions for you. 

Until next time, take care. Bye.

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